by Harry Windsor A flinty portrait of inequality and vigilante justice in the modern Philippines by filmmaker Erik Matti. The titular directive powering Honor Thy Father seems more mordantly sarcastic with every passing minute in Filipino director Erik Mattia��s portrait of a man beset by his devout wifea��s Daddy issues a�� not just

in the eye, Papa?a�? the girl asks. The suburban world of Edgar and his family, limited largely to home and to church, is gauzed by d. p. Ber Cruz in sickly, sun-bleached yellow, making the church presided over by Bishop Tony (Tirso Cruz III) seem all the more oppressively cultish. So, run on out to the hat shop and to the eyeglass shop; a�?My Goda�?, exclaims Kaye at one point. a�?Your Goda�?, replies Edgar. The starched conformity seems even more airless after Edgar visits his brothers in the mountains to enlist them in a heist that might get the debtors off his back by stealing the Churcha��s collection money from inside its palatial HQ. Written by Michiko Yamamoto, whose credits include Lav Diaza��s Norte, The End of History, Honor Thy Father tackles similar subject matter a�� crime, class, family a�� but is at its most acidic as a portrait of the Filipino Church. Edgara��s discomfort with evangelist histrionics turns to outright disdain when Bishop Tony refuses to return the hefty donation made by Edgara��s late father-in-law, even though it would help drag the family out of the morass. The pastora��s oft-repeated refrain that a�?Yeshua will providea�? begins to ring very hollow indeed. a�?A parent can forgive anythinga�?, Edgara��s mother tells him; whether a child can is another story. Production Companies: Reality Entertainment Inc. Cast: John Lloyd Cruz, Meryll Soriano, Dan Fernandez, Tirso Cruz III, Perla Bautista, Yayo Aguila, Khalil Ramos, William Martinez, Lander Vera Perez, Boom Labrusca, Krystal Brimner Director: Erik Matti Writer: Michiko Yamamoto Story by: Erik Matti, Michiko Yamamoto Producer: Erik Matti Supervising Producer: Tess V. Fuentes Associate Producer: Stacey Bascon Executive Producers: Ronald a�?Dondona�? Monteverde, John Lloyd Cruz Director of Photography: Ber Cruz Production Designer: Ericsson Navarro Editor: Jay Halili Sound Supervision: Mikko Quizon Composer: Erwin Romulo Sales: Reality Entertainment Inc. 14A, 115 minutes Source:. Ring the changes an press this link here now editor might ring the changes in red, but this phrase meaning vary the ways of expressing or doing something’ has nothing to do with pen and paper

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