Now that Kung Fu Divas is opening today nationwide, debuting movie director Jonathan a�?Onata�? Diaz can heave a big sigh of relief. You see, Onat waited for nine years for his a�?obraa�? to see the light of day, with no less than two a�?queensa�? playing the lead roles a�� Ai-Ai de las Alas and Marian Rivera as bitter rivals for the Hiyas ng Dalampasigan beauty pageant forced to become allies by an unexpected turn of events that brings out their martial-arts skills. a�?It was easy working on the movie with Ai-Ai and Marian because Ia��ve worked with them in commercials,a�? admitted Onat who started directing commercials before he ventured into television and now movies, just like Peque Gallaga, Erik Matti and Paul Soriano. While at McCann-Erickson, Onat directed Ai-Ai in several commercials (for Maggi, etc.) and Marian in more than two. a�?On the set, there was no pressure at all. Ang gaan-gaan ng trabaho.a�? The only problem was how to match the schedules of the two actresses. Marian was busy with the GMA soap Temptation of Wife and suffering from a recurrence of migraine (caused by an inflamed nerve in her head) while Ai-Ai was stuck in a marital problem. a�?Even then,a�? said Onat, a�?Marian would show up on the set on or ahead of time even if she lacked sleep. Talagang dedicated siya sa project and she really believed in it. Same with Ai-Ai

who was fun on the set in spite of the roller-coaster situation she was in, kadalasan namumugto ang mga mata sa kaiiyak sa problema niya. But the moment I shouted a�?Action!,a�� they were instantly transformed. You will see that in the movie. You will never think na may mga problema silang pinagdadaanan during the shoot.a�? Ai-Ai said in jest that one welcome a�?distractiona�? on the set was actor Edward Mendeza��s precious part shining through, prompting Ai-Ai to call him a�?Mr. Big Bird,a�? and Onat can only laugh at it. Entertainment ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 a�?As Ai-Ai and Mariana��s kung fu instructor,a�? said Onat, a�?Edward was in a flimsy white costume, almost half-naked as I wrote the character in the script, so you cana��t help but notice what Ai-Ai is talking about.a�? From we just laughed about it then. But I never shelved the idea, until four years ago when I sat down to write the script. Last year, Dondon and I seriously discussed the project.a�? After Kung Fu Divas, Onat wants to do other kinds of movies for his O & Co. Picture Company. a�?I am working on four scripts but I still dona��t know kung ano ang uunahin ko,a�? revealed Onat who was a Mowelfund scholar but has never had any formal training in filmmaking. a�?My next project will hopefully be something na naiiba, yung hindi pa nagagawa ng iba.a�? Februar 2017 um 17 08 wieso hat uns das denn pisa eingebrockt

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