Who gets more exposure a�?nevera�? became an issue between actress Ai-Ai de las Alas and Marian Rivera, costars in the fantasy-adventure film a�?Kung Fu Divas,a�? according to its director, Onat Diaz. a�?Surprisingly, I had no difficulty dealing with them. I guess it was because they believed so much in the concept and they were equally selfless,a�? Diaz told Inquirer. a�?While I made sure to give them equal treatment, I didna��t hear them complain about anything. Without these glasses, you inspect review cannot see if you have the makings of an author. a�? Generous Diaz described his lead stars as generous performers. a�?Walang sapawan. In the beginning, that was one of my worriesa��ang magsabong sila sa seta��but nothing of the sort happened. They would always arrive 10 to 20 minutes earlier than the call time. No scenes were shot on virtual sets. Wea��re working on the CGI (computer-generated imagery). a�? Read more:.

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