English Title: The Entity
Category: Film
Year: 2019
Genre: Horror
Duration: 1h 54m
Rating: 16+
Director: Erik Matti
Cast: Sharon Cuneta, John Arcilla, Pam Gonzales, Kent Gonzales


Luis returns to his hometown following news of his twin sister Manuela’s death.

A somber welcome awaits him, with his parents Rebecca and Arturo refusing to talk about the circumstances regarding her passing.

Haunted by Manuela, Luis tries to piece together the events leading to her death under the watchful eyes of his father.

Rebecca, a doctor by profession but a submissive wife to Arturo, tries to protect Luis from her authoritarian husband, who grows increasingly violent and tortures his own son.

Unable to tolerate any more, Rebecca must find a way to escape their home, as devastating family secrets are uncovered.


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