Ask any pre-schooler about Pororo and chances are they know the little penguin who hails from the snowy village of Porong Porong Forest. Pororo is a computer-generated cartoon series created by Iconix Entertainment. Pororo has been airing in Korea since 2003 and has been a consistent favorite of pre-schoolers. The show revolves around the characters meeting challenges and overcoming them with a moral lesson to be learned after each episode. The cute character also has a strong following with teenagers. Pre-schoolers would call him a�?President Pororoa�? while teens would tag him as a�?Pororo the god.a�? Pororo already has 6 theme parks in Korea with 5 more to open soon. In 2015, a Pororo theme park is set to open in Los Angeles, California by next year. The Pororo series is also nominated in the Kids: Preschool category in the 2014 International Emmy Awards. The character is already being likened and dubbed as the a�?Mickey Mouse of Asiaa�?. Internationally, the program currently airs on Australia, France, Taiwan, India, Italy, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Vietnam, Norway, and the UK. Locally, Pororo is well liked and lords it over its competitors in their timeslot during morning weekdays in Disney Junior and early morning weekends in GMA 7. The show even attracts teens and tweens aged 10 to 17 years old. The program has been a surefire bonding experience between parents and their young kids. On November 6, 2013, Philippine cinemas nationwide will be featuring Pororoa��s first animated 3D movie: Pororo, The Racing Adventure. The story revolves around Pororo and his friends going to the magical winter wonderland of Northpia to participate in the Super Sleigh Grand Prix where they will be pitted against other for 7 administrations. It also exhibited the English-dubbed Korean film, a�?Mr. Goa�? which featured the first ever Asian digital character which is a computer generated gorilla who played baseball in the Korean Major Leagues which was released last October 16. So if you take the popular view of country music as something of a joke simply because it is not from your culture, I hope my brief introduction from another angle has given you something to think about

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