In the tradition of lovable movie animals such as the dogs Benjie, Lassie and Air Bud and finny friends such as Free Willy and Flipper comes another furry friend your family will grow to love. Introducing: Lingling the gorilla better known as Mr. Go! Mr. Go is a computer generated gorilla so much like Alvin and the Chipmunks, Yogi Bear and Scooby Doo except without the cartoon inclination. Like his well known character comparisons from the west who debuted as cartoon characters and was further immortalized in comic book form, Mr. Go is based on a top selling Korean comic book called a�?The Seventh Ball Cluba�? by famed writer/ artist Heo Young-man. The comparisons stop here as Mr. Go looks and acts like a real gorilla complete with grunts and the ape-like swagger you would expect from silverback gorillas. Mr. Go can be considered as the first Asian fully digital character. Comparisons to prior movie gorilla stars are inescapable. After all, the movie-going public was first exposed to King Kong, Mighty Joe Young and even the wild gorillas of the movie a�?Congoa�? but the family will surely fall in love with Mr. Goa��s loyalty and compassion to his female trainer and companion, Weiwei, whom he treats as his very own family. Mr. Go follows the journey of Lingling the gorilla and his trainer, 15-year old Weiwei as they inherit a heavily indebted circus from her grandfather. A materialistic sports agent, Sung, heard about Lingling and chooses to sign him up to play for the embattled Korean baseball love story movies of all time. Last August 2013, they also distributed the strong Academy Award contender for 2014, a�?The Butlera�? which boasted of a powerful all star cast led by Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. The movie, based on the life story of Eugene Allen, is a historical take on the civil rights movement through the eyes of a butler who served in the White House for 7 administrations. mspy vs mobile spy

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