An a�?eye-openera�? is how producer Dondon Monteverde describes his Cannes experience. Monteverde and filmmaker Erik Matti, his partner in the production firm Reality Entertainment, attended the international film festival last month where their movie, a�?On the Job,a�? was screened in the Directorsa�� Fortnight section. Festival market They also participated in the Marche du Film, the festival market, to sell local movies, buy foreign content and touch base with other industry professionals. a�?We had three to four meetings a day during our two weeks there,a�? recalls Monteverde. At the Cannes market, they sealed two deals worth a total of P12-million with Wild Side and Well Go USA for the French and North American distribution of a�?On the Job.a�? While in Cannes, they likewise met with representatives from top Hollywood firm, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), led by John Garvey. a�?CAA reps watched a�?On the Joba�� and liked what they saw,a�? Monteverde notes. a�?On the Joba�? will open in local theaters on Aug. 28. Realitya��s next project is a collaboration with a�?On the Joba�? coproducer, Star Cinema, an action-drama with John Lloyd Cruz. Skype meetings Back in Manila, Monteverde and Matti had a series of Skype meetings with the CAA reps based in Los Angeles. After two weeks of online conferences, Matti recounts, they signed a deal with CAA, Manila) and computer-generated imagery (Mother Ship). a�?Mother Ship did the CGI for a�?Tiktik: The Aswang Chroniclesa�� and now, wea��re doing the special effects for the Ai-Ai de las Alas-Marian Rivera movie a�?Kung-Fu Divas,a��a�? says Monteverde. Distribution deals Last March, Matti and Monteverde attended the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (Filmart), another important industry event. Reality got to close distribution deals for four foreign filmsa��two from Hollywood (a�?Before Midnight,a�? a�?The Butlera�?) and two from Korea (CJ Entertainmenta��s a�?Pororoa�? and Showboxa��s a�?Mr. Goa�?). For their initial distribution ventures, Reality clinched local rights for the four films across all platformsa��a�?including DVD, free and cable TV.a�? Monteverde believes a�?Before Midnight,a�? which will open locally on July 3, will do well in the country because it already has a loyal following. a�?Ita��s the third part in a series that has registered huge DVD sales.a�? Acquiring these top-caliber films, Monteverde says, is part of the globalization efforts of Reality Entertainment. Read more: Apple reports quanta has averaged 86 percent compliance with its 60-hour workweek through the end of july this year

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