We havena��t had a film quite like palpable sense of danger: whether it be the overt threat of bullets flying in the air, or the more subtle dread of being discovered that dominates most of the characters. The film never lets the audience forget that the characters are basically under the thumb of more powerful forces, and though they have some degree of autonomy, their lives arena��t fully under their control. The local cut is a little different from what was shown internationally. This version includes a couple of scenes that look into the home life of SPO1 Acosta, an extra sex scene, and an additional final scene. These additions, though generally well done, fit kind of awkwardly into the narrative, and only provide marginal benefit. But the story remains intact, and despite the diversion, ita��s still a propulsive piece of entertainment that also serves as a rather dark examination of the intractability of corruption in our society. Stunning production values make it a real treat for the senses. Dix Buhaya��s cinematography makes the shadows of Metro Manila feel equally menacing and seductive. A powerful musical score underlines the growing desperation of the characters. Joel Torre has long been one of the finest actors in this country, but few films have provided the actor with a role meaty enough to really make use of his talents. But On The Job exploits every last bit of the actora��s inherent gravity, Torre exuding a world-weariness that goes well beyond his years. Gerald Anderson proves to be a bit of a revelation in this film. The young actor displays a strangely charming nihilism in his performance, a heady mix of attitude and naivetA� that is worth exploring further. Joey Marquez is perfect in his role as an honest cop, alternating between bursts of weary humor and righteous anger. Piolo Pascual is a bit outclassed by his co-stars, but he delivers on his end as well. On The Job is a real treat, if only because it is the rare local mainstream film that treats its audience as adults. Its pleasures are complex and heady, built on an expertly constructed sense of atmosphere, incredible production values and a story that bucks the expectations of its viewers. I think I prefer the international cut, which ends on a more powerful image, but this local version is still more than worth anyonea��s time. Hopefully, On The Job is just the start of a change in the local mainstream. The car was an instant hit in the usa, but sales were dismal in mexico

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