About Reality

Reality Entertainment might be one of the youngest Philippine movie companies, but it has earned the reputation of offering the industry with fresh concepts and daring ideas that are at the same time commercially viable. In 2012, it made Philippine movie history by producing a�?Tiktik: The Aswang Chroniclesa�?, the first Filipino movie shot entirely against green-screen with 100% computer generated background.

Formed in 2003 by renowned film director Erik Matti and veteran film producer Dondon Monteverde, Reality Entertainment has produced several cinematic gems from psychological thriller a�?Pa-Siyama�? to a sexy adult drama, a�?Rigodona�? to the critically acclaimed crime-drama, a�?On the Joba�?– a film that took 3 years to be realized. Following the success of a�?Tiktik:The Aswang Chronicles,a�? Reality Entertainment produced its sequel a�?Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2,a�? which won 3rd Best Picture in the 2014 Metro Manila FilmFestival.

Several of the movies produced under the Reality Entertainment banner have earned recognition from critics and viewers alike making it evident that this humble film studio has made a definitive mark in Philippine Cinema.

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